Councillor subject lead

Councillor subject lead

3rd of February, 2021

Councillor outside body representative

Best Kept Village - Cllr Orme

FOKEL - Cllr Lewin

Gala - Cllr Woods and Cllr Jepson

KE light railway - Cllr Drobny and Cllr Orme

Halite/Brine watch - Cllr Johnson

Health (all aspects) - Cllr Lewin

Lancashire Association of Local Councils (Wyre Area Committee) - Cllr Orme (all councillors have a right to attend)

Over Wyre Parishes joint meeting - Cllr Orme and Cllr Nicholls

Preesall Youth and Community Association - Cllr Johnson

Wyre Flood Forum  - Cllr Orme and Cllr Johnson

Wyre In Bloom - Cllr Woods

Youth - Cllr Pattrick 

Councillor subject lead

Highways - Cllr Pattrick and Cllr Jepson

Housing - Cllr Nicholls; Cllr Williams

Planning Ambassador – Cllr Jepson

Tourism - Cllr Johnson, Cllr Drobny