September 2020

September 2020

24th of September, 2020

New website

The council now has a new website that fully meets the Government’s requirements on accessibility that came into operation on 23 September.

Esplanade shelters

The council has decided to approach Wyre Council with a view to taking over ownership of the seafront shelters. This would enable Preesall Town Council to renovate the shelters and make them into more of a feature on the Esplanade.

Hanging planters in Barton Square

The self-watering planters have been removed for health and safety reasons. They are now in storage until suitable arrangements can be made to relocate them.


Overgrown vegetation

The council has received a number of complaints regarding vegetation encroaching on to footpaths and highways. Residents are asked to check that their trees/hedges aren’t causing an obstruction/danger to others and to take action to cut back any overgrowth.


Pedestrian crossing in Knott End

A number of residents have enquired if this is still going ahead. Preesall Town Council has been informed that the installation has been delayed as a result of Covid-19 and that it will be installed in due course.


Fly-tipping and rubbish recycling

There have been several instances of the incorrect disposal of rubbish, which has resulted in Wyre Council involvement in cleaning up the mess. It has been noted that the problem is mainly associated with rental properties in the township. Landlords are encouraged to ensure their tenants are aware of Wyre’s recycling policy and to take swift action when necessary to prevent this issue becoming a bigger problem.

Switch to cycling

'Switch to Cycling' is a new campaign from Lancashire County Council aiming to build on the momentum of those who have started cycling during lockdown and encourage more people to take up cycling for short journeys.

It promotes the benefits of cycling including fitness, saving money and beating the traffic as well as providing advice and information on starting cycling, cycling routes and free training sessions. This is part of the council's Active Travel work to encourage walking and cycling instead of using the car or public transport where possible, which is aligned with current government advice.

Now is an ideal time to start cycling with the school run starting up again and more cars on the road. The county council has put in a range of measures including temporary pop-up cycle lanes throughout the county to help people get around by bike.

For more information and advice about making the switch to cycling, visit



Next meeting

Preesall Town Council will meet next on Monday 12 October at 7.00pm. This is a public meeting and residents are welcome. An opportunity to raise matters is available. Log-in details can be obtained from the clerk.



Please keep an eye on the council’s website and noticeboards for updates.


For further information contact the clerk, Alison May, by email at [email protected]

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