June 2018 news for Preesall Town Council


Traffic troubles

Police support has been requested over fears of serious accidents near two schools in Preesall.

Town councillors have asked for a police presence at peak times near St Aidan's and Fleetwood's Charity in an effort to deter inconsiderate driving and parking.

The letter to police chiefs follows concerns expressed by Cllr Derek Hudson over what he believes are dangerous road conditions at the start and end of the school day.


Breakaway 'no'

An unofficial proposal to break away from Wyre Council has failed.

Concerns over the practicalities and costs of the town council operating independently put paid to the notion after a discussion at the June meeting. Doubts over the legal means of doing so were also a significant factor.

It was suggested that the increase in devolved government could allow the council to take on additional responsibilities.


Bollards plan

Bollards have been requested on land between Plantation Avenue and the library in Knott End to block parking on the grass verge. Bollards are planned by Wyre Council on land it owns on the other side of Plantation Avenue and a similar approach from the county council is hoped for.


Site taxes 

Arrangements concerning council tax payments relating to the Willowgrove site off Sandy Lane in Preesall were discussed. As the matter also concerns other sites across the county, it was felt residents should contact their MP.


Beach access

A decked access to the beach off the Esplanade in Knott End has been proposed. Natural England has provided information on how to seek permission as this is classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. A town council working group will consider possibilities.


Trophy purchase

A trophy in memory of the late Cllr Vivien Taylor is to be bought at a cost of £150. Councillors saw a photo of the 12in trophy, which was suggested after research by the gala committee.


Data update

The council's list of contacts has been updated in response to the new data protection regulations. Only those who confirmed a wish to remain on the list have not been deleted.


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