Trading standards April 19

Consumer Alerts April

Beware Bogus Roofers
As the better weather approaches, reports
are being received throughout Lancashire
of roofers cold calling offering to carry out
repair work where no repair work is
necessary or work is charged for that has
not been carried out. Often these are jobs
that you cannot do yourself and cannot
check they have been carried out correctly
or needed to be done in the first place.
Traders often panic the householder into
having work carried out.

Trading Standards advice is to always
say no to cold callers. The Safetrader
scheme can help you find a trader in
your area, contact 0303 333 1111 or go

Fish Sellers Cold Calling
Beware fish sellers cold calling in the
Ramsbottom area. The salesmen can be
very persuasive and householders end up
buying more fish than they expected,
sometimes paying over £200. Often the
fish has defrosted and buyers are uncertain
if it is OK to consume.

Door to door selling of
household goods?
Residents are warned that there have been
a number of reports of cold callers selling
dusters door to door in the Ribble Valley.
Some older people have felt intimidated by
these callers, who have been pushy on
occasion. While it is not illegal to sell goods
on the doorstep, Trading Standards
recommend that it is better to be safe than
sorry, and that you should safeguard
yourself by not purchasing goods this way.

Scam Ministry of Justice
telephone call
A retired lady in Accrington has been
targeted by scam calls pretending to be
from the Ministry of Justice. The caller
addressed her by name and insisted that
her husband overpaid on their mortgage, so
a cheque for £3000 was waiting for her as
soon as she paid the £150 fee (later called
a tax) owing. She was initially asked for
credit card details, when reluctant she was
told she could put £150 on a supermarket
voucher which would be collected the next
day by a MOJ official. ..

Beware Letter offering to buy
your house
Residents in Fylde have received a letter
from an individual claiming to be a cash
buyer interested in buying their property.
Whilst no adverse reports have been
received, caution is advised. Quick Sale
firms do exist who may offer to buy your
house for cash. In some cases false
property valuations can be made, the price
can be reduced at the last minute or fees
can be hidden. Do your research, shop

Contact the Trading Standards Service
via the Citizens Advice Consumer
Helpline on 03454 04 05 06

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