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Scammers claiming unpaid
debt for roofing work

A householder in the Leyland area who was
scammed 2 years ago into handing over a
large amount of money for minimal, shoddy
roofing work received a phone recently
asking for £4500 that was allegedly still
owed. The money was supposedly to pay
the builders merchants who had not
received payment at the time. The elderly
resident understood he was speaking to a
solicitor, from UK National Trading
Standards, that the case was due in court
but if he transferred the money into an
account that day, it could all be kept quiet.
This is a scam, there is no such
organisation as UK National Trading
Standards. The scammer persistently rang
over 2 or 3 days trying to make the
householder panic into paying the money.

Rogue Gardeners

A Fylde resident recently gave her landline
telephone number to rogue gardeners and
then began to receive numerous unusual
scam calls including one offering her food
and cooking oil delivered to her home, one
offering £800 for free if she gave her bank
details, one for guttering services and one
for fitting a new bathroom. Be careful and
be aware who you share your telephone
details with.

Trading Standards advice is to always
say no to cold callers. The Safetrader scheme can help you find a trader in your area, contact 0303 333 1111 or go to

Email scams

Beware receiving an email alleging you are
not up to date with your vehicle tax and this
is a last chance warning to avoid
unpleasant consequences. The recipient
was invited to click on a link to pay. The
DVLA would never contact you in this way,
it is a scam.

Think twice about taking out
appliance insurance

Be aware you may be receive telesales
calls selling appliance insurance. In one
case, a man set up a monthly direct debit to
insure his very old and almost-obsolete
television. While appliance cover is
perfectly legal, residents need to consider
whether the amount they are paying will
total to more than the value of the
appliance, and whether it is worth covering
basic goods that are often classed as
beyond economic repair.

To reduce the number of telesales calls you
receive, sign up to the Telephone
Preference Service - contact them on 0345
070 0707. 
Service providers also offer
services that will reduce unwanted
telesales and scam calls. You can also
consider installing a call blocking device.
Contact the Trading Standards Service

Contact the Trading Standards Service
via the Citizens Advice Consumer
Helpline on 03454 04 05 06

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