March 2018 news for Preesall Town Council


The Annual Town Meeting

The Council is required by law to hold a Town Meeting every year and this year it will take place at Preesall Youth and Community Centre on Monday 9 April at 6pm. Anyone who is an elector in the area may raise an issue to be discussed at the Town Meeting and there are two ways that this can be done:

1. The Town Meeting can make a decision only on an item on the meeting agenda and any agenda items had to be notified to the Clerk by Wednesday 28 March.

2. Electors can raise an issue at the meeting itself but the meeting would be unable to make a formal decision on the matter.

All electors have the right to attend, speak and vote at the meeting. Look out for the public notice on the noticeboards at Barton Square and near the Black Bull in Preesall and on the website (

Flood talks

This month's meeting featured an informative talk on flooding that offered valuable insight into the chaos caused by the November deluge and the lessons we can learn.

Nikki Beale of the Environment Agency outlined a six-point plan of action for Sunnyside Terrace, where houses were badly hit by floodwater. It was also revealed that the county council is doing survey work on tides, rainfall and other related matters to ensure improvement measures are effective. A tree that is partially blocking the dyke will be removed and de-silting work will be carried out within two months.

Ms Beale said a pump at Cockers Dyke could not cope with the volume of rain. Reserve pumps are available, but not in the immediate area.

Separately, the town council agreed to sign up to the Churchtown Flood Action Group's call for the 15 Lancashire MPs to convene a meeting to discuss how to combat flooding threats.

Community cash

6,000 is to be donated by the council to the Preesall and Knott End Youth and Community Association, which is seen as a significant force for good.

The building on Lancaster Road goes from strength to strength, being used by a number of groups and outside organisations besides the youth club.

A donation of 400 is also to be made to the gala committee for training more road closure marshals. Currently there are only two and if one were unavailable it would not be possible to close the roads for the gala or civic events.

Bus decision

Councillors decided the council was not able to offer money to support proposals for a trial Sunday bus service to replace the Catch 22 line between Knott End and Poulton that ends on Easter Day. This decision was taken with regret, but it was thought that the town council is not sufficiently resourced to take such an expensive experiment.

Drink-drive battle

A police chief has reported on the force's festive campaign against drink-driving in the west division, which includes Preesall and Knott End.

Insp Jon Smith said the division carried out the most breath tests in the county in December. Of more than 3,000 tests 48 proved positive, the highest number of drink-drivers caught per division that month, he said.

Civic date

This year's Civic Sunday event will be on July 8 as part of the 'volunteer' service at St Oswald's church.

ID move

A proposal for town councillors to carry ID cards has been taken up again, with further research to be undertaken.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting of Preesall Town Council, held in the Youth and Community Centre on Lancaster Road, Preesall, will be on Monday 9 April starting at 7pm. For further information contact the Clerk, Alison May, by email at, by phone on 07739 868212 or via the contact function on the website:

Councillor contact details and the subject on which they lead

Cllr Rodney Black (tourism, G&KE light railway) 01253 811114

Cllr Bill Burn 07715 784128

Cllr Robert Drobny (G&KE light railway) 07733384157

Cllr Pat Greenhough (health) 01253 811733

Cllr Derek Hudson (housing, gala, highways) 07957989788

Cllr Rosina Lawson 01253 810841

Cllr Gordon McCann (Lancashire Association of Local Councils and planning ambassador) 01253 811364

Cllr Jean Mutch (Wyre In Bloom) 01253 811177

Cllr Nicola Pattrick (01253 986820)

Cllr Phil Orme (youth, Lancashire Association of Local Councils (Wyre Area Committee), Wyre Flood Forum, Friends of Preesall Park, Preesall Youth and Community Association, Christmas fair, Wyre Ferry Management Board) 01253 811341

Cllr Tom Reilly (Wyre Flood Forum, Wyre Festive Lights Committee, Preesall Youth and Community Association) 01253 810156

Cllr Lynda Woodhouse (tourism, Co-op, G&KE light railway) 01253 932803

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