Trading standards May 18

Consumer Alerts

Beware tarmac gangs offering to
fill pot holes

Gangs have been cold calling residents in
North Yorkshire falsely claiming to be from
the County Council, working locally, and
having material left over to fill pot holes in
private drives and roads. The gangs are
not working for the Council. Once a
contract is agreed and work has begun, the
price has begun to escalate. This scam
could be used in Lancashire.

Bogus Roofers

Residents in the East of the county have
reported being repeatedly targeted by
different roofers, within a few months of
each other, each cold calling saying the
previous guttering or roof slate work that
had been carried out was not up to scratch
and that they could rectify it.
Lancaster and Morecambe residents have
also reported property repair cold callers,
using pushy tactics to get work, including
beginning the work before a contract has
been agreed.

Beware Door to Door Tree
Surgeon Services

Residents of Clitheroe have reported cold
callers offering tree surgeon services,
prices escalating, cash payments
demanded and cuttings not taken away.

Remember that if you have agreed to a
contract in your own home and have
second thoughts, you have 14 days to

Trading Standards advice is to always
say no to cold callers. The Safetrader
scheme can help you find a trader in
your area, contact 0303 333 1111 or go

Scam DVLA Text

If you receive the following text "FINAL
REQUEST: DVLA Swansea have been
trying to contact you, Click below for more
information" it is a scam - do not reply.

Bailiff telephone scam

Residents in Rossendale have received
telephone calls from someone posing as a
contracted Bailiff alleging to work for the
Council pursing debts.
The scammer states the resident had been
running a business from home and had
failed to declare this. The arrears had to be
paid immediately over the phone. Any
delay would incur a further charge of £700
and if the caller hung up the Bailiffs would
visit that day. The caller does not work for
the Council and is using scare tactics to
panic the householder into paying.

Contact the Trading Standards Service
via the Citizens Advice Consumer
Helpline on 03454 04 05 06

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