Trading standards April 18

Consumer Alerts

Beware claims of 'working on
behalf of the Council'
Reports have been received throughout the
County. In Haslingden and Accrington
residents are being cold called and offered
cavity wall insulation. The door knockers
explain the resident should have received a
letter from the Council. No such letter
exists but was used to try to reinforce their
story that they are working with the local
Likewise, a business in South Ribble cold
called trying to get householders to switch
energy suppliers. They are not working on
behalf of the Council as claimed.

Bogus Roofers
Reports have been received of roofers
calling in the Chorley area offering roof
repairs and fitting plastic soffits and
fascia. In one instance the job initially
was to repair a loose ridge tile but
progressed to replacing alleged rotten
felting and battens. The work carried out
was overpriced and shoddy and it is likely
that it did not need doing in the first place.
Please do not agree to cold callers offering
to carry out any property repairs. Shop
around and get quotes. Do not be rushed
into a decision. Remember that if you have
agreed to a contract in your own home and
have second thoughts, you have 14 days to

Trading Standards advice is to always
say no to cold callers. The Safetrader
scheme can help you find a trader in
your area, contact 0303 333 1111 or go

Netflix Scam
Beware emails from Netflix claiming your
account has been suspended due to the
company having trouble with your billing
information. The email claims that the
company will try again to resolve the
problem but you may need to update your
payment details, and provides an update button.
Do not respond, this is a scam, delete the email.

Remember it is free to sign up to the
Telephone Preference Service - contact
them on 0345 070 0707

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